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What is hashing?

The Hash House Harriers (H3) is an international but loosely connected organisation of social running clubs. There are thousands of Hash Houses (chapters) around the world. More about origins and traditions of hashing on the History

Each group (chapter) is referred to as the Hash and anyone who runs with them is a Hasher.

Hashes meet at regular intervals to stretch their legs and then get involved in some serious socialising. There are no demands made to go beyond your physical fitness level and ages range from nippers (3 years old) to 72 years old - even pregnant mothers have been known to join in.

Apart from meeting new people, it’s a great way to see some places you might have otherwise missed around greater Muscat.

Links to maps showing run locations and start times (which vary depending on the time of year) and links to any event posters are on the Next Runs page and will be e-mailed to members. Also check the Notices for any forthcoming events. Contact names and numbers are on the Contacts page

Jebel Hash House Harriers Founded in 1985, Jebel Hash House Harriers (JH3) is located in Muscat Oman and meets every Sunday evening, to have a walk/jog/run or sometimes climb around a trail that has been pre-set by the hares. This year JH3 will be celebrating its 1500 th run in March. There are always two trails to follow – one for those who prefer to walk (knitting circle), and a longer one for the more energetic (main run). Lengths of the trails normally vary between 5 and 8 km. The run is normally timed to start so that the last runners / walkers can get to the On-in by sundown. This means earlier starts in the winter, starting times range between 16:45 and 18:00. Walking / Running gear is a matter of choice and footwear needs to be sturdy because of the rocky terrain. New runners and visitors are always welcome so come along and try us out. Visitors and new runners should contact the Hares for the particular run or the Grand Master.

Visit facebook:- Jebel Hash House Harriers to view uploaded pictures that are also linked from Next Runs.  page

At 7:00 pm on the closest Monday to each Full Moon the Muscat Full Moon Hash House Harriers gather to run by moonlight. Forthcoming Full Moon runs and locations are notified in the Next Runs. If you would like further details call Bruce (Bumbo) GM of the FMH3 on (+968)99036640.

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The JH3 is a non profit making group and costs are kept to the minimum. To run is 1 OMR which includes water and post run soft drinks. Food, if provided, is 2 OMR.